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Douglas Brown  MPRCA AFHEA

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PRCA Freelancer Member 2

Strategic vision to help you do what you say


I love the quote from John D Rockefeller : "Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing."

This sums up for me the connection between words and deeds and I believe organisations and individuals can only succeed if their “Doing” and “Telling” are consistent.

My role is to help you identify your story and tell it better.

I offer clients strategic guidance to help them fully understand who they are and how this makes them appear. In some cases the emphasis is on helping them tell their story better. In others it requires a more fundamental stripping back of what they do and why, before turning outside to tell their story to the world.

Too often organisations and individuals focus on talking about what they are doing or selling – which worked well in the old days of the transactional economy. Today though, in an economy orbiting around relationships, they need to understand that trust, understanding, and shared values have to be part of what they offer – and that the people they want to get close to are seeking genuine authenticity, not shallow promotional hooks.

Trust, empathy and understanding are what makes today’s world work and my role is to help organisations find that narrative within their work and then to clearly express this to the world around them.

My input takes two forms.

First I can help define WHAT has to be said. This means identifying core values, identifying what is unique and special and what defines their personality. From this base I can help shape the imagery,  to express this personality.

Second I can help choose and shape messages and advise on HOW the authentic imagery is developed to carry their organisational personality to the people who matter, in a sustainable and honest way.

“Doug is an excellent facilitator who really knows his stuff. I was able to apply his practical tips around writing articles and dealing with the press to very good effect, in as much as I’ve now had several pieces published and am building my profile as a subject matter expert. Thanks Doug and look forward to working with you again.”

Media skills workshop client


What is PR?

Public relations is a business practice born out of the need to earn trust for any business interaction.

Effective public relations creates better influence, relationships, reputation, social capital and word-of-mouth conversations. It goes far beyond being a “mouth-piece” for individuals and organisations, as Trust is as much shaped by what we do as what we say, meaning good PR has a role in shaping every aspect of an individual or organisation.

Public relations operates in a ‘Comms’ environment, working alongside advertising and other communication disciplines to achieve familiarity by making you more known, liked, trusted, front-of-mind, or being talked about through using owned, shared, earned, or paid-for channels.

So PR is ……..

  • Positive Reputation

  • Perception Redefined

  • Perfect Resonance

  • Prompting Respect

  • Practical Rewards

  • Public Recognition

  • Personal Reassurance

  • Planning & Reacting

  • Principled Response

  • Professional Responsibility

  • Personality Represented

  • Personnel  Re-engaged

  • Promotional Roar!

  • Packaging Reality

  • Prejudice Resolution

  • Propaganda Rejected


Douglas Brown PR

"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing

is to let people know you are doing the right thing."

Douglas Brown PR


Tel. 07876 044318

Good PR is about identifying your authentic self then building a clear story to help others understand who you really are.

From this understanding grows trust, the basis of positive relationships.

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