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My career in Public Relations started in the early 1980s, in the days before the internet, mobile phones and social media, so I have a lot of historical context to apply to the work I undertake now.


During that time I have worked in house for a number of national bodies in the Third and Public sectors, leading teams to build and maintain their reputation. In 2008 I set up Douglas Brown PR to share more widely the skills and knowledge I had acquired. 

At the same time I started teaching part time at the University of Lincoln on its Public Relations and Communications degree course. I continued with this until 2021 when I gave up my post as Senior Lecturer in Public Relations to refocus on my business. 


Throughout my career I have had a close and active involvement in voluntary work, indeed, my career started as a volunteer with a County Wildlife Trust.  For eighteen years I was an active volunteer in the Army Cadet Force, serving as commanding officer for the national PR Training Team and I have volunteered as a trustee and committee member on a number of other voluntary bodies over the years.


I take my professional development very seriously and am a member of The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and aim to keep my skills and knowledge as current as possible.


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A story about me.

In 2007 my wife and I, as seasoned African travellers, went on a rough camping trip into the Kalahari in Botswana, accompanied only by a local guide. Deep into the game reserve the three of us camped out. In the early hours of the morning I got up and left the tent to “attend to nature”.

I got more nature than I had expected however, for, as I spent my penny, I noticed, padding silently out of the darkness, less than ten metres away, a fully grown male Lion.

Well, he looked at me, and I looked at him – each deciding what to do. In that crucial moment I remembered what I had been taught on a game ranger course some years before.


Slowly, slowly and as calmly as I could, I backed away back to the tent, maintaining eye contact all the time whilst fixing him with my torch.

In a few moments I was safe in the tent and he was back on his way to a waterhole some distance off.

The relevance of this tale?

  1. I’m here because I remembered, valued and followed the advice of professionals – “Never run from a big cat, look them in the eye and back away calmly. Once you are in a tent they only see a big object, not you in it.

  2. I’m here because I looked beyond the immediate.  As we stared at each other I instinctively knew he was as surprised as I by our encounter and if we respected each other no harm would come to either of us.

  3. I’m here because doing the right thing is just as important as telling the story.

My values

Fairness - Loyalty - Generosity - Humility



Douglas Brown PR


Tel. 07876 044318


Douglas Brown PR

Taking pride in giving third sector and public bodies a voice.

Douglas Brown MPRCA  AFHEA

PRCA Freelancer Member 2
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